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Linking a Bank Account via Account/Routing Number (US only)

If you're having trouble linking your bank account via account log-in, the easiest way to link your bank account is by using your account/routing number:

First, log in and find the Bank Account Linking page (see below for desktop and for mobile):


1. If you are logging in via desktop, go to and then go to the Reimbursements page. 

2. Next to "Upcoming transfers", you will see the "Link a Bank Account" box.

3. Click on "Link Account". 


Mobile app

  1. If you are logging in via the mobile app, go to the Settings icon at the bottom.

    image_123986672 (6).JPG 

2. Link account via routing numbers:

  • Click on "Link Bank Account"
  • This will open up Plaid, then click on Get Started.

3. Type in a random string of letters or numbers, until you see "No Results Found." Then, tap the "Link With Account Numbers" button you see there.

4. Now, just input your account/routing number (and anything else the system asks from you), and you should be ready to connect!

5. After you've submitted your information, watch your bank account for the next 12-24 hours for one $0.01 micro-deposit along with a unique 3-letter code to hit.

6. Once you receive that micro-deposit and 3-letter code, navigate back to the Reimbursements page (or Settings page on mobile), and click the "Verification pending" button. Input the 3-letter code, and you'll be ready to get reimbursed!  

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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