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What is the status of my transaction?

When you make a transaction on your Benepass card, the status of that transaction will be reflected on our website. Here's how to navigate to the transactions page. 

Here's what those statuses mean:

Declined: If your card is declined, go to this page to learn how to find out why. 

Needs Receipt: For transactions over a certain amount (or of a certain kind), you may be required to submit a receipt. You can do so on the app — simply tap the transaction in question, and upload a photo from your camera roll. Please make sure your receipt lists what was purchased, how much it cost, the date of purchase, and the order total if more than one item was purchased. DO NOT use the pink + on your homepage to update transactions! That is for submitting an expense for reimbursement only. 

Pending: Once you submit a receipt, you’ll notice the status will switch to Pending. Most of the time, “pending” means that our team is reviewing your purchase for compliance purposes. This can take some time, so please be patient! Our statuses have no effect on your actual payment, so don’t worry, your “pending” status won’t prevent your payment from being processed. 

Complete: Congratulations, you’re good to go! If your transaction is complete, that means payment has been received by the merchant, and your purchase has been approved by our team. 

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