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How do I change which benefit a transaction is classified as?

Because we provide a single card for multiple benefits, it’s always possible that a purchase won’t go under the benefit you want it to. But don’t worry — it’s easy to switch what benefit your transaction is pulling from, even once the money has already been taken out of your card. 


To update the benefit a transaction is pulling from:

    1. Select the transaction in question
    2. Look to the right of the benefit name — do you see a small grey pencil?
      • If yes: that means you can update which benefit this transaction is pulling from! Tap the pencil, choose a different benefit, then press the “Change Benefit” button.
      • If no: that means that this transaction can’t be moved to a different benefit at this time.

If you notice that a transaction is consistently getting put under the wrong benefit, or that you’re not able to update which benefit a transaction falls under even though it’s eligible under more than one benefit, please reach out and let us know by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page — chances are we can help.

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