Using your card

How do I use my virtual card?

Your virtual card is located on the home screen of your Benepass app and web portal under the “Company” tab. It is available for immediate use, and is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted.

To start using your virtual card:

  1. Open your app or web portal. If you have multiple Benepass cards, your virtual card will be the first white card listed under the “Company” tab.
  2. Select your virtual card by tapping or clicking on it.
  3. Use the card details listed on the back of your virtual card to start making purchases. 
  4. Add your Benepass card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. to make contactless payments on the go.

Your Benepass card is a credit card, so it will not have a PIN. Check how much $$$ you have in your benefit before you start spending, because any charges that exceed your available balance will decline. 

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