How to report a fraudulent charge

Fraud is defined as an unauthorized transaction - one that was not initiated by you, often at vendors and merchants you do not recognize. Duplicate or incorrect transactions from merchants you are purchasing from are not the same as fraud - you’ll need to contact the merchant to refund those charges.


If you do notice a transaction on your Benepass card that you believe to be fraudulent, the first step will be to report it:

  1. In the Benepass app, navigate to the transactions tab and click into the fraudulent transaction.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, there will be an option to “Report as Fraudulent”

When you mark a transaction as fraudulent, your card will automatically be deactivated in order to protect from additional fraudulent charges. You’ll then need to reach out to us by by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page for further assistance to remedy those charges and issue you a new card.


Accidentally marked a transaction as fraud? No problem, reach out to us by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page. Include details about the transaction, and we can reverse this and reactivate your card for you.

Card lost or stolen with no fraudulent activity? We can help with that too! On the Benepass app home page, you can click into the card details of the lost or stolen card to report this.

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