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When should I submit an expense?

You only need to submit an expense for reimbursement when:

  • You used a personal payment method (such as a personal card, cash, Venmo, or similar) instead of using your Benepass card for a purchase. 
  • The item/service you purchased with your personal card is eligible under your benefits.

Why would I use my personal card instead of my Benepass?

There are plenty of reasons you might want to do this, such as:

  • If the item/service you want to purchase costs more than your remaining Benepass balance
  • If you’re trying to earn credit card points while cashing in on your benefits
  • If you’re having trouble with your Benepass card

What happens after I submit an expense?

Once you submit an expense, the team will review it within 5 business days from submission.

  • If we approve it, you can expect to receive reimbursement in a direct deposit within 2 weeks following the approval. Make sure you have linked a personal bank account to avoid any delays in receiving your reimbursement.
  • If we deny it and you believe it's an eligible purchase, contact Support by clicking on "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page and someone from our team will review the reason for denial.

Are you an international user? Visit When Should I Submit an Expense-Intl for the relevant version of this article. 

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