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What is the status of my expense? - Intl

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If you submitted an expense, you can check the status via our app or desktop!

Simply check Recent Transactions and find the expense you submitted.

While it's being reviewed (normally within 5 business days from submission), you will see the expense appear as "Pending". 

Once a decision has been made on your expense, if it has been approved, you will see the status change to "Complete". Complete only means the expense has been approved, it does not mean a payment has been sent.

Occasionally, we may require some additional information to be able to make a decision, in which case the status will change to "Needs Receipt". This normally means the submitted receipt doesn't have enough information, or in some cases, we need to also see proof of manager approval. If you see this in your account and aren't sure why, you can always message us by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page to get more information. 

If your expense was approved, you can expect your money to be processed through your employer's payroll the month after it is approved. Every employer handles this timeline a bit differently, so if you have questions about when to expect your reimbursement, you should reach out to your HR or Payroll team. 

If you see "Denied" and you think your expense should have been approved, you can always contact us by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page.


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