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Admin Dash Reporting: Video Walkthrough

During this live walkthrough, we covered some of the new reporting features that are now available on our Admin Dashboard. These features include:

  • New customization options (filters, presets, aggregation features)
  • How to pull the Spending Report
  • How to use Presets to pull Imputed Income Reports and International Reimbursement Reports
  • How to pull the Reconciliation Report
  • How to download Statement Reports
  • Viewing account balance and total benefits remaining balance

A few notes to be mindful of:

  • Always select the time period you want to view first. For imputed income reports in particular, we always recommend pulling the YTD report.
  • Once filters are applied, these will generate a unique URL that you can bookmark to easily access later on.
  • You can access Imputed Income reports and International Reimbursement reports using Presets on the Spending report.
  • You can access your Account Summary for the Reconciliation Report using Presets.

For more resources and how tos, check out the Admin Dash Reporting section

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